Audience taping is permitted at all shows. Audio only, using microphones – wireless receivers are strictly prohibited. In order to record directly from the soundboard, tapers must be granted permission by the venue or the sound engineer before the show. Please arrive as soon as doors open if you plan on taping. In some circumstances, particular venues/festivals/events will explicitly prohibit all forms of taping. We ask that you check these policies beforehand in order to be prepared.

Soundboard patches are allowed only with the assistance of the sound engineer. You must provide your own gear. Please respect the engineer’s priorities (first and foremost: the sound for both the band and general audience) and give him or her space to perform their job (bring long enough cables).

When audience taping with microphones, you are allowed to tape from any seat in the house. If seating is General Admission and you choose to tape FOB (front of board), do so from a reasonable distance, be mindful of those around you, and do everything possible not to obstruct anyone’s view.

All recordings are to be used for personal and trading purposes ONLY. Please feel free to distribute openly with others and post wherever interested on the web. However, selling or commercializing any recording warrants legal action and jeopardizes taping privileges for everyone. Participants who physically and digitally exchange recordings acknowledge and respect the copyrights of The Moondoggies and their publishers.

Again, please be PREPARED with ALL necessary gear.

Recordings can be posted at for torrenting, for download & streaming, and anywhere else you see fit. Direct download links for posting on our official sites can be provided at the request of management.

Directions for uploading to

A couple tips on file prep pre-upload:

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